Declaration of the 4th Forum of the European Coordination to Exit the Euro, the EU and NATO

March 4, 2017

The 4th Forum of the European Coordination to Exit the Euro, the EU and NATO, held in Paris on March 4, 2017, was a success. However, it should be noted that though speakers had been invited to defend the A and B Plan strategies, none of them came to debate the matter – something we regret strongly.

The forum happened while the « European construction » is about to celebrate the 60 years of existence of the Rome Treaty on March 25, 2017, after the 25th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty. A sad statement for the peoples that suffer from them. Weiterlesen

What comes after SYRIZA?

speech by Dimitris Mitropoulos, member of the leading body of Polular Unity at the Second Assembly of the CLN (Confederation for National Liberation), 1-3 September 2017, Chianciano Terme

The first question we need to address is which the elements that compose the current image and describe the developments in Greece are.

First, for many decades Greece will be the EU‘s contemporary colony of debt.

The recent deal between the Greek government and the Troika has not made any decision on the Greek debt, while at the same time it anticipates a yearly surplus rate between 2,5 and 3,5% until 2060, in order to save the necessary resources for the repayment of a debt that has mainly been created by the banks themselves and has been magnified for the sake of their survival. Weiterlesen

A clear break with the Euro regime is required

For a wide alliance of democratic, social and popular forces to be prepare for the clash with the EU

by Wilhelm Langthaler

By means of the Euro regime the capitalist oligarchies of the European Union are inflicting the worst social disaster on the popular classes. The waves of attacks are carried out in an uneven way affecting first of all the peripheries which in some places are suffering more than during the great depression of the 1930ies. Enforcing mass impoverishment has been requiring a substantial curb on democratic rights and especially the dismantlement of national sovereignty by the Brussels supra-national bureaucracy. Weiterlesen

Spain: 140 personalities against blackmail by Euro and Eu commission

For the defence of the people’s dignity, we must refuse the threats, political blackmail and intervention from the “Eurogroup and European Commission”

Before the servitude of the Spanish government and the political agents who negotiate and prepare new budget and public expenditure restraints for the accomplishment of the 2017 deficit objectives dictated by the Eurogroup and European Commission, the undersigned address to the citizenship, and political, social and civic organisations, for:

1.- To defence the sovereignty and dignity of citizens and peoples of the Spanish State before the brutal pressure exercised by the European Commission which threats with the suppression of the structural funds regularly envied to the Spanish State. This restriction could mean a loss of more than 1 milliard euros if the Spanish government can’t accomplish the objective of 15 milliards euros’ cutback in order to obtain a public deficit of 3,1% in 2017 (2,2% in 2018). The Spanish government must show the accomplishment of this cutback in Brussels before the 15th October. Weiterlesen

Address of Lexit network to the No Euro Forum

Dear friends,

We wish you all the best, success and progress for the No Euro International Forum in Chianciano Terme! We think that struggling for social rights and democracy at the time being requires a direct attacking of the neoliberal type of European integration and the single currency regime. In that respect we deem international coordination as a key element of any serious political strategy.

Several people who have joined the Lexit Network are engaged in the coordination and will be in Chinaciano Terme. We´d be happy to show more presence as Lexit Network to allow a wider exchange on political views and strategies. Unfortunately, as a small network with limited capacity, this is not possible for us on September 16th to 18th. We have recognized that our appeal was object of debate in the coordination and are looking towards fruitful exchange in the future. Weiterlesen

European Forum of Leftist Euro exiteers to take place in Italy mid-September

by Wilhelm Langthaler

From 16-18 September the No Euro International Forum is scheduled to take place in Chianciano Terme, Siena province. It is already the third such meeting organised by a European coalition of different political forces advocating the urgent exit from the single currency while not fearing the break with the single market and the European Union altogether as a consequence.

The previous meeting took place in Athens just one week prior to the historic resistance referendum which could have been interpreted as a popular mandate for the break with the Euro oligarchy but instead was turned into submission to the liberalist dictate. Weiterlesen

Statement of the International anti-EU Forum of left and popular forces

Athens, Oct 18, 2015

1.    After the 2013 Cyprus events, when the unanimous “no to the Memorandum” of the Cypriot parliament was turned to a “yes” into a week’s time under ECB’s threat of halting economic support, the violent reversal of the popular „no“ at the referendum of July 5th into a „yes“ by A. Tsipras comes as a confirmation that staying at the E/Z-EU directly counters democracy. The third memorandum signed by Syriza also demonstrates that even modest attempts to challenge austerity policy cannot stand in the E/Z-EU context. Weiterlesen

Platform of Popular Unity / LAE

What Does Popular Unity Stand For?

The platform of Popular Unity, the Greek political front that emerged in the wake of Syriza’s capitulation to the eurozone.

Released on September 2 and translated for the first time below, the manifesto of Popular Unity is signed by the fifteen organizations of the radical left that comprise this political front, which seeks a rupture with austerity and the eurozone.

Usually presented as a split from Syriza, Popular Unity actually includes a more variegated blend of forces, from left social democrats and social movement activists to far-left currents. Some of these forces come from Syriza: the two components of the Left Platform (the Left Current, led by Panagiotis Lafazanis, and the Red Network around DEA/Workers Internationalist Left), which constitutes the backbone of the movement. Weiterlesen


„Treason“ is not a category of modern politics. It is a word not truly apt for analysing social and political patterns of today’s societies. It smells of feudalism, of personal commitments in times long foregone. Structural analysis may be hindered rather than furthered by such a vocabulary.

Alexis Tsipras went to the referendum in a truly difficult situation. He wanted to alleviate his own political burden, feeling no more able to bear responsibility for the far-reaching decision: how to go ahead with Greece’s relations to Germany and to EU? He declared firmly to accept the verdict of the electorate whatsoever. If the Greek people would vote to submit, he would submit and step down, he told. He would give in and leave office. Weiterlesen

Greek NO to delivery a blow to Euro oligarchy

by Wilhelm Langthaler

Tsipras’s wavering on clear break threatening secure victory

The world is looking to Greece. Tsipras’s decision to call for a referendum was a courageous but risky forward defence. A strong NO will mean a significant political defeat for the European capitalist elites and first of all for the German leadership. It will open up the gates for popular struggles against the neo-liberalist Euro regime across Europe and especially the German monetarist dictatorship institutionalised by the EU. Weiterlesen