All out for a Greek NO

Common European Popular Struggle against austerity

Call adopted by the Athens Anti-EU forum June 28, 2015


The victory of the NO vote in the referendum will be a victory for all people of Europe and a message of hope, resistance and dignity. The NO vote will be a vote for confrontation with the EU and not for a renegotiation with it. The delegations and the participants of the Athens anti-EU Forum call for a massive popular NO to old and new memoranda, to unemployment, to austerity, to the infringement of social and political rights, to the abolition of national sovereignty, a NO to debt, to euro and the EU! They call for a common front of struggle of all the popular and democratic forces for a victory of the NO vote.


The breakdown of the negotiations of Greece and the EU prove beyond doubt the true nature of the EU and its companion institutions (the ECB and the IMF): They represent the interests of capitalists and bankers. They impose neoliberal policies. They undermine democracy. They suppress popular and national sovereignty.


The open and humiliating blackmail of the Greek government, despite the painful concessions the latter had already made and its acceptance of a milder version of the Troika austerity program, is an insult not only to the Greek people but to all peoples and working classes in Europe.


Now, it is more than obvious there can be no end to austerity and social devastation inside the Eurozone, inside the iron cage of the neoliberal EU treaties. The negotiations’ breakdown demonstrates the unrealistic character of the position of the Greek government and other governments in the Eurozone for an ‘honest compromise’ with the EU, because the Eurozone and the EU cannot be ‘reformed’. Eurozone is the problem – Exit is the solution! This is the only realistic solution in favor of the popular classes!


Now is the time, for the popular, democratic and progressive forces all over Europe, all over the world, to express their solidarity to the Greek people and its struggle against the EU and the IMF. The Greek people are not alone. All the eyes of peoples and movements are turned towards Greece.