Address of Lexit network to the No Euro Forum

Dear friends,

We wish you all the best, success and progress for the No Euro International Forum in Chianciano Terme! We think that struggling for social rights and democracy at the time being requires a direct attacking of the neoliberal type of European integration and the single currency regime. In that respect we deem international coordination as a key element of any serious political strategy.

Several people who have joined the Lexit Network are engaged in the coordination and will be in Chinaciano Terme. We´d be happy to show more presence as Lexit Network to allow a wider exchange on political views and strategies. Unfortunately, as a small network with limited capacity, this is not possible for us on September 16th to 18th. We have recognized that our appeal was object of debate in the coordination and are looking towards fruitful exchange in the future.

In solidarity,

Lexit Network