„Treason“ is not a category of modern politics. It is a word not truly apt for analysing social and political patterns of today’s societies. It smells of feudalism, of personal commitments in times long foregone. Structural analysis may be hindered rather than furthered by such a vocabulary.

Alexis Tsipras went to the referendum in a truly difficult situation. He wanted to alleviate his own political burden, feeling no more able to bear responsibility for the far-reaching decision: how to go ahead with Greece’s relations to Germany and to EU? He declared firmly to accept the verdict of the electorate whatsoever. If the Greek people would vote to submit, he would submit and step down, he told. He would give in and leave office. Weiterlesen

Greek NO to delivery a blow to Euro oligarchy

by Wilhelm Langthaler

Tsipras’s wavering on clear break threatening secure victory

The world is looking to Greece. Tsipras’s decision to call for a referendum was a courageous but risky forward defence. A strong NO will mean a significant political defeat for the European capitalist elites and first of all for the German leadership. It will open up the gates for popular struggles against the neo-liberalist Euro regime across Europe and especially the German monetarist dictatorship institutionalised by the EU. Weiterlesen

All out for a Greek NO

Common European Popular Struggle against austerity

Call adopted by the Athens Anti-EU forum June 28, 2015

The victory of the NO vote in the referendum will be a victory for all people of Europe and a message of hope, resistance and dignity. The NO vote will be a vote for confrontation with the EU and not for a renegotiation with it.  The delegations and the participants of the Athens anti-EU Forum call for a massive popular NO to old and new memoranda, to unemployment, to austerity, to the infringement of social and political rights, to the abolition of national sovereignty, a NO to debt, to euro and the EU! They call for a common front of struggle of all the popular and democratic forces for a victory of the NO vote. Weiterlesen

Declaration of Athens against the EU

The international anti-EU Forum moves forward with the meeting in Athens on 26-28th of June. Our goal is the proliferation of popular and forces of the Left that fight for social transformation , which are coordinated through the anti-EU forum, as well as the proliferation of the struggles against EU for the withdrawal of the European states from the Eurozone and the imperialist EU.

1. Seven years since the outburst of the financial crisis, we see the European Union becoming even more reactionary, anti-popular and neoliberal. Austerity is the pan-european recipe, and no-one is allowed to question it. The most anti-popular policies are today inscribed in the EU flag and the euro-constitution. This is not just a coincidental direction. Neoliberalism, austerity, the cancellation of social rights, the degradation of the world of work are deeply inscribed in the nature of EU. European Union was at the center of the global crisis and it proved once again that it cannot change, be reformed or be improved. On the contrary, the member states of EU are imposing increasingly harsher policies for the social majority, and increasingly favorable policies for the banks, the large corporations and the oligarchy. Placing our “hope” on the oncoming recovery and the exit from the financial crisis would conceal the fact that all the policies of ECB and eurozone (Draghi’s package, Juncker’s package, the Fiscal Compact) are just postponing the crisis until a more severe episode in the upcoming years. Weiterlesen

NATION AND EMPIRE: The Left and the Contemporary State

Delphi, 20th / June 21st, 2015

Nation and Empire

The Left and the Contemporary State

Intellectuals were the true janissaries of nationalistic chauvinism in the early 20th century. Today, liberal intellectuals are almost unanimously embittered enemies of the nation and fervent partisans of the supra-national state, the empire.

The Left is trailing them.

This presentation is a short summary of a voluminous study on the emergence of the nation and its trajectory today. It argues that the nation evolved out of the fusion of the idea of people’s sovereignty with the need of social integration at a wider, supra-regional scale. This was based on earlier, more local forms of ethnic solidarity and identity. This way, it formed the very basis of the demos in parliamentarian democracy. Rightest forces succeeded in hijacking this political concept in the two great transformative crisis of capitalism. Weiterlesen

Anti-EU Forum Athens

Programme June 26-28, 2015

all for an International Forum (Athens 26-28/6/2015) and the establishment of a European Co-ordination of Left political parties, popular organisations and social movements fighting for exit from the European Union, the euro and NATO.